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5 Things That Set The Alabama School Of Bail Bonding Apart

5 Things that Set the Alabama School of Bail Bonding Apart

In order to gain a bail bonds agent license in Alabama, you must attain the Alabama bail bond course that will result to bail bonds certification. With the licence, you can be a private practitioner or render your services to other individuals and institutions freely.  You can obtain this certificate from a number of different bails bond schools, so why choose the Alabama School of Bail Bonding (ASOBB)? Here are five main things that set our school apart from the rest.

High-quality education

At ASOBB, we offer top-notch education during your Alabama bail bond course. We use proven and practical techniques that you can easily incorporate in your real life for the best results. We make sure to have classes with the right number of participants. This way, everyone can get the attention and help they require individually, with the advantage of also learning from other course attendants.

Guiding information on business and future development

Our Alabama bail bond course does not stop at your bail bonds certification. We make sure that we equip you with the right set of skills that will allow you to prosper way after gaining your bail bonds license. We understand that most participants in our short course want to establish a business after their graduation. We, therefore, offer you with essential information on starting, running and growing bail bonds business. The one-day course gives you information that you can use as long as you are in the line of bails and bonds.

Additional life skills

The bail bonds business is tough and sometimes challenging. It requires individuals with a specific set of skills for them to be successful. For example, you have to be diligent, perseverant, consistent, and resilient. While some of these traits are inborn, you can learn some. At ASOBB, we teach our students how to deal with the many challenges that come with this line of work without giving up.

Honesty and transparency

One of the things we are most proud of at the Alabama School of Bail Bonding is the openness with which the program runs. Everything we market is what you get. We do not exaggerate or promise impossible things. Instead, we offer the course to the individuals that register and deliver all that we said we would. We will not even take your payments until the day you decide to physically come and take our Alabama bail bonds course. By doing this, we hope to earn your trust and confidence.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable bail bonds certification school in Alabama. This is in both time and money. Our bail bonds course takes only one day, eight hours to be precise. We tailored the course to be as short in order to give opportunity even to the busiest individuals. The limited time span also prevents information overload and allows for full absorption and understanding. For the eight hours that you will spend seated at ABOSS, you will only pay $250 after which you will get your certificate and later licence. In addition to it all, our guidance and help will always be available in the future for all the course participants. We have a team of able trainers that are available to answer questions and give guidance at all times.

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